Consulting Firms

Data Analytics for Consulting Firms

Earnest Research helps consulting teams solve the most complex questions with hard data.

After becoming mainstream for hedge funds, Earnest transaction data has been adopted as part of the research toolkit for precise outside-in analysis by the leading consulting firms.

Since 2018, we have successfully supported 100+ case teams across the top strategy consulting firms with stellar feedback.

Today, Earnest Research offers access to data on 10,000+ companies within 48-72 hours of receiving a request. Insights on 90% of Fortune 500’s retailers by revenue are accessible within 48 hours or less.

Recent Use Cases


For a national retailer looking to offer dining options: establishing dining preferences of its most loyal customers by cuisine

For a private equity firm evaluating a celebrity beauty brand: assessment of the beauty brand’s customer retention beyond first purchase

For a private equity firm evaluating an apparel retailer: market share assessment across income brackets

For a national dining chain: customer retention by income bracket with a focus on affluent customers

For a national department store: assessment of change in share of new vs. returning customers during annual sales periods

For a private equity firm evaluating a multi-level marketing brand: benchmarking returns activity against competition

For a real estate developer: assessment of local consumer spending patterns across a subset of national retailers in a thriving metropolitan area

Looking to leverage consumer transaction data for your casework, proposal or publication?

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