Airbnb Takes Market Share


With Airbnb filing privately ahead of their expected IPO, we looked at how they’ve grown market share in both Hotels and Online Travel Agencies (OTAs).

Among Hotels, in just 2.5 years, Airbnb grew its share 14pts to more than a quarter of the market as of Jan’20. Following the COVID lockdown and a precipitous drop in April, aggregate spend for the market has remained depressed heading into July’s (usually) high season. Still, Airbnb managed to grab another 12pts of share through July as people avoided public hotels and rented away from cities.

Among OTAs, Airbnb grew its share 13pts, garnering over 40% of the market (primarily at Expedia’s expense) as of Jan’20. While the market has nearly rebounded to 2019 levels, Airbnb has since grabbed another 11pts of share heading into July’s high season.

Also notable is that rental competitor HomeAway, part of the Expedia Group, benefited too from COVID-related travel trends, moving from 23% share in Jan’20 to 30% by July’20.

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