Aritzia’s eCommerce Story


Following Aritzia’s Q2 earnings and jump in stock price, we looked at how we tracked the retailer’s sales growth. Note: while Aritzia sells women’s fashion in Canada and the U.S., our panel of consumers only captures the U.S. portion of their business.

Pre-COVID online represented roughly a third of sales, naturally spiking close to 100% while stores closed in April and May, before leveling off as stores gradually reopened through the summer.

Interesting to note is that online supported overall sales growth around -50% during the spring lockdown. Further, online’s continued contribution is above the previous highs of the 2019 holiday season, seemingly supporting management’s comment that the “multichannel client relationship continued, upholding the momentum of our eCommerce business.”

We’ll monitor to how the trend continues, and whether Aritzia can return to positive sales growth heading into the 2020 holiday season.

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