COVID and Diagnoses Data


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Pandemic-defined 2020 altered the composition of diagnosis groups across various provider specialties. Within a select few specialties, exposure to infectious disease (COVID) saw the obvious share increase, essentially taking over Urgent Care at +46% at the expense of all other usually seen diagnoses. It also increased +7% at Multi-Specialty, alongside other mental-illness related diagnoses, at the expense of its usual opioid-related disorders (-16%).

Mental-illness disorders like anxiety, stress, alcohol-related, depression, and schizophrenia/psychotic disorders all saw share increases this past year as well. Multi-Specialty saw schizophrenia/other psychotic disorders increase 5% and depression increase 2%. Though at a smaller scale, Counseling also saw up to 3% increases in anxiety, stress, and depression at the expense of its usual disruptive/impulse-control, neurodevelopmental, and opioid-related disorders.

With vaccinations rolling out and the initial shock encounter of the crisis behind us, it’ll be interesting to see if the mix of diagnoses revert back to non-pandemic levels—or if there’s now indeed a new normal.

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