Shein wasn’t bad for Fast Fashion—until it was


Note: This is a preview of our larger deep-dive on Shein. Download the full case study here: Shein’s Impact on Fast Fashion through Shopper Behavior Data.

“Other” includes: Asos, Boohoo, Charlotte Russe, Charming Charlie, Cotton On, Hot Topic, Missguided, PrettyLittleThing, Primark, Romwe, Rue21, and Topshop.

Until 2021, Fast Fashion market leader Shein did not seem to have a negative impact on most other Fast Fashion brands’ sales. Shoppers who first made a purchase at the brand in 2020 only reduced their Fast Fashion spending at H&M and Forever 21 during their first calendar year shopping at Shein, while increasing spend at other competing brands. In the second year after they started shopping at Shein, customers’ spend across all major Fast Fashion brands was up double or triple digits YoY (with the exception of Fashion Nova). Total Fast Fashion spending by new Shein customers grew 74% YoY in 2020 and 21% YoY in 2021 to $261 and $315, respectively. 

However, recent data suggests that shopping at Shein could now be having a negative impact on spending at other Fast Fashion brands. Download our Case Study: Shein’s Impact on Fast Fashion through Shopper Behavior Data for the full story.


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