Still Running on Dunkin’?


Following news that Dunkin’ Brands Group Inc. is in talks to be acquired by Inspire Brands Inc. (parent of Arby’s, Buffalo Wild Wings, Jimmy John’s, etc.) we looked at how Dunkin’ has performed over the last year.

After steep declines during the COVID lockdown months of March and especially April, sales began to rebound starting in May and continued to climb before reaching positive, pre-COVID levels in the mid-single digits by August and September. Note: sales here also include money loads on Dunkin’s “DD Perks” loyalty program, a leading indicator of subsequent purchases.

While the number of unique shoppers tracked a similar (albeit slightly more negative) trajectory to sales growth, it’s interesting to note average ticket increased sharply in April and May, and continues to be elevated at low double digit levels. Although average ticket is more sensitive to increased loads via DD Perks—particularly as digital orders increase during the pandemic era—perhaps essential workers really do run on Dunkin’?

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