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Real-Time Consumer Spending Data Tracking the COVID-19 Pandemic

Investors, retailers, restaurants, and e-commerce brands across the country are leveraging Earnest’s near real-time consumer data for more accurate forecasting and to shed light on macroeconomic outlooks, consumer behavior, and business activity.

Easily track how COVID-19 is changing consumer spending across all consumer segments; at a city, county, district, state, and national level.

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About the COVID-19 Tracker

The COVID-19 Tracker shows weekly consumer spend trends by channel across 23 categories and 89 subcategories, representing 2,000+ national brands. The dashboard allows users to quickly drill into regional, state, CBSA, and city spend, transaction count, and average transaction trends based on the purchase data from a panel of 6 million de-identified U.S. consumers.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“This data is incredibly useful to any retailer evaluating whether or not to reopen their stores.”

Alli Kaye
Senior Director of Finance, CAMP

“The main advantages of the Earnest data are three fold: (i) it captures spending in nearly real-time at a weekly frequency and detailed geographies (ii) it captures spending from retail as well as service spending (iii) spending can be separated into in-store versus online. These features make it an ideal dataset to study the effects of Covid-19 on consumer spending.”

Jacob Robbins, Assistant Professor of Economics
University of Illinois at Chicago

An Online Dashboard with Daily Insights

Earnest’s easy, web-based interface provides self-service functionality to quickly understand how consumer segments are being impacted by a change in consumer behavior. Pre-built dashboards include:

Category Heat Map

Monitor total weekly spend, transaction count, and average transaction size growth by state, CBSA, and city across 23 consumer categories and 89 subcategories segmented by channel and geography.

Geo Heat Map

Compare consumer trends in distinct categories and subcategories between regions, states, CBSAs, and cities.


Aggregate Consumer Activity

Summarize weekly spend, transaction count, and average transaction size growth by state, CBSA, and city across customizable consumer subcategories.

Share of Consumer Activity

Share of Consumer Activity

Assess the impact of COVID-19 on changing consumer’s weekly spend across categories.

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About Earnest Research

Founded in 2012, Earnest Research provides restaurants, retailers, e-commerce companies and investment clients with critical knowledge on consumer behavior to power data-driven business decisions. With accurate and near real-time data on sales, foot traffic, orders, and other purchasing trends, Earnest enables companies to deeply understand customer habits and gain valuable intelligence on market share and competitors.

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