Lastest Insights from our Data Team

| DoorDash and Chick-fil-A Team Up for Ghost Kitchens
In November 2019, Chick-fil-A began preparing orders in a DoorDash ghost kitchen in Northern California,
| Shake Shack and Grubhub Shack up
The data behind Shake Shack's partnership with Grubhub-Seamless. Did the burger chain choose the
| Rent the Runway’s Newest Look — Refunds
How did Rent the Runway's recent inventory glitch impact orders, refunds, and competitors?
| Are You Still Watching?
How do Disney+ and AppleTV stack up against OTT Video competitors?
| Stitch Fix Style Pass – Invite Only
Which customers did Stitch Fix target for its Style Pass rollout?
| Homework on Back-to-School
How did retailers perform during the 2019 Back-to-School shopping season?
| Cycling through Peloton’s S-1
How fast is Peloton growing and how well is it retaining customers?
| Politics Deflate SoulCycle Bookings
Our data shows that the SoulCycle boycotts had real impact on attendance.
| Can You Venmo Me?
How has the P2P Payments landscape evolved over the last few years?
| From Data Intern to Rideshare Expert
Day in the Life of a Financial Services Data Analyst
| IPOs with Bark, Bite and Billions
How does Chewy stack up against competitors like Petco, Petsmart and Pet Supplies Plus?
| Behind the Ridesharing Wheel
How do Uber and Lyft drivers compare when it comes to loyalty and driver
| Burger King Bets on the Impossible
How did the Impossible Burger impact Burger King sales?
| You Probably Owed Money to the IRS this Year
We investigated how changes to the tax code have impacted Americans across income brackets
| Amazon Partnership Delivers for Kohl’s
Is the Amazon-Kohl's partnership the new way forward for retail?
| How did the 2018 Tax Reform Impacted Refunds and Spending?
How did the 2018 changes to the tax code impact Americans across income brackets
| Lyft – Uber Competitive Insights
While Lyft may have beaten Uber to IPO first, how are the two companies
| Alternative data provides clues of the future
Alternative Data Case Study: Beyond-the-topline transaction data on Lululemon