The Art of Query and Fast Food Insights


Day in the Life of a Product Specialist

A Product Specialist at Earnest Research holds a truly cross-functional role. Reisa Asimovic specializes in our EarnestQuery product, a web-based tool that lets clients dig deeper into data. Reisa partners with Business Development, Account Management, Data and Marketing teams to help Earnest’s clients uncover insights that help formulate and inform business or investment decisions.

Originally from Bosnia, Reisa is no stranger to translating information to different languages depending on her audience. From understanding the customer experience journey to highlighting actionable insights in the data through compelling stories and visuals, clear communication is key to her success.

Read on to see how Reisa spends a typical day and check out our open positions if you are interested in joining the Product team.

7:30 am: Wake up, do a short home yoga workout (basically fancy stretching), and pick an outfit for the day. Earnest is very casual so I can dress up or down — it’s quite the paradox of choice!

8:45 am: Choose a coffee cup to set the tone for the day as I review my calendar for upcoming calls and meetings. Today, it’s a “Who’s Your Data?” mug, a personal favorite.

9:30 am: Head into the Financial Services weekly team meeting. Once a week, Business Development and Account Management teams meet to share commercial updates and current projects as well as discuss that week’s priorities.

10:30 am: Prepare for a call with a new client learning to use EarnestQuery. Each demo must strike the right level of customization and balance between technical details, useful navigation tricks, and insightful takeaways — without overwhelming the client. It’s a science and an art.

11:00 am: Client call with two new users interested in very different companies who have varying levels of experience with Earnest data products. I like when these curveballs happen and it’s my job to make the demo work and keep the clients engaged.

12:00 pm: I go on Slack to round up my usual lunch-buddies and head out to one of the many nearby lunch spots. It’s nice out, so we walk a few blocks to Chikarashi. It’s a poke bowl type of day.

1:00 pm: Another client call, this time with an experienced and long-time Earnest data user. He has specific questions about building a custom analysis that looks at sales in specific geographies for a subset of competitors in the food delivery space.

Reisa and the Business Development Team pose for a company photo.

2:00 pm: Meet with Earnest’s Director of Marketing to discuss a few content ideas. This week, we are focusing on McDonald’s: What can our data reveal about the success of the fresh beef patty rollout and potential changes in market share with Wendy’s?

3:00 pm: Move my desk to standing mode and work on the McDonald’s analysis. Set up a meeting with our senior restaurant analyst to review the content before we send it out into the world.

4:00 pm: Snack and seltzer break: A fully stocked kitchen is everyone’s best friend.

4:15 pm: Scour the news and public filings to research ideas for our next client analysis ; relevant examples that use our data to dig into a piece of news is a very effective way to demystify our product and highlight its value to clients.

6:00 pm: WHAM! Happy hour usually opens with the sound of a golf ball hitting the simulator screen. As an Eastern European, I am not a big golfer, but even I can appreciate a nice swing. There are a lot of good golfers — and willing teachers— at Earnest.

Reisa gets ready to for another epic game with Real Earnest, Earnest’s co-ed soccer team.

7:30 pm: While not the best golfer, I can definitely get behind soccer and am excited for our co-ed soccer team’s playoffs tonite. We’re playing a team of accountants, so it will be a true battle of the nerds.

8:30 pm: We did not win, but everyone had an awesome time and a great workout. We head to a local bar to grab some food and discuss strategy for our next game.

9:30 pm: Head home to unwind with an episode or two of Seinfeld or a good book (no Kindles allowed!). Tomorrow is a busy day as we get ready to deliver new data to our clients. Who doesn’t like fresh data?

If you want to learn more about joining the team at Earnest, check out our open positions here.

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