Consumer Brands Quotes


Alex Pasley

Chief of Staff & Head of Strategy
Corepower Yoga

“To be able to benchmark our performance nationally and by individual market in near-real-time allows us to run our business more intelligently.”

Dan McCarthy

Co-Founder and Chief Statistician

Assistant Professor of Marketing

“Earnest is a treasure trove of granular, individual-level transactional data…Knowing that we have this data for a very large universe of companies over multiple years is a game changer.”

University of Wisconsin’s

CROWE Institute

“The aggregate Earnest Research sales match national retail sales data quite well, capturing roughly 80% of the total variation in advance retail sales… capturing more than 90% of the variation in retail sales on clothing, on groceries, and at department stores.”

Thomas Bailey

Executive Director Consumer Foods

“Top notch and unique analysis! Data is often a limiting factor. So we want to make sure we have the best data out there to give us the timely figures to provide the best, most up to date picture we can.”


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